March 12, 2007, 9:38 am
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I’ll admit it..and I won’t be the first…Twitter is damn addictive.

Techmeme and blogs everywhere are littered with articles about Twitter, and it’s clear that Twitter has taken over the brains of digirati and online media mavens everywhere.

Nowhere is the impact more noticable that at the annual SXSW conference in Austin, where the independent journalists/bloggers that have traditional done an exceptional job of covering the conference seem suddenly to be sucked into a Twitter black hole. Eric Rice seems particularly annoyed at this phenomenon (see his blog EricRice.com ).

Twitter addiction seems harmless enough, but it may have some unexpected side effects. First and foremost, a blog is a great source document on events not covered by the mainstream media. What happens when the only records of events smaller than SXSW become an assortment of 140 character long Twits? Collective amnesia?


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Actually, it’s been quite useful, I’m not annoyed– but I will be interested to see how it works after SXSW. We are all in the same location, updating much like our iChat status messages on crack– I think after SXSW when we are back home, it will be kinda lame and pointless again. Also, annoying. 🙂

Comment by Eric Rice

Sorry Eric, mis-interpreted your post…. witnessing SXSWi remotely through Twitter has been an interesting experience…..

Comment by dperry1ma

Not that I want to bash Twitter, but it strikes me that some of these addictive social networking things are starting to hity productivity…

Imagine, technology drove new levels of worker productivity, now it will take it the other way.

Comment by Glenn

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