Don’t Stop Believing…
June 25, 2007, 12:22 am
Filed under: Journey, The Sopranos

Kind’ve humorous that Journey’s 1981 classic, Don’t Stop Believing is back on the charts 26 years later, solely on the strength of having been used as the background for the final scene of The Sopranos final episode.

The song peaked at #9 in 1981…it’ll be brief, but it’ll be fun to see what it does this month.


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Well, now it’s the end of 2009, 28 years after the song was a hit: I refer to it as the 2nd American National Anthem! I couldn’t possibly list all the times it’s been used on TV shows, in movies, by sports teams, et al. Good for the guys who wrote it and embedded it into the memories of 2 generations. But I object to the plans for a movie by the same title being planned about the rise of a poor little Filipino boy’s dreams of becoming a rock star famous—Arnel Pineda! The song belongs to the Steve Perry Journey, and I wonder what he thinks of it? If he lets it be used he’ll earn some well deserved royalties, but I agree with what he said when Journey went on without him: leave “Journey” alone, do what you want, but call the band something else. Steve Perry was, is, and always will be the voice of Journey: no one has or ever will replace “The Voice”.

Comment by Jan O

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