Song of the Week – November 1st

Catching up a bit after a crazy week of travel….

Mark Ronson’s single ‘Valerie’ prominently features vocals from Amy Winehouse, though the mock club performance portrayed in the corresponding video shows no sign of her. Probably just as well, since her presence would distract the viewer from Ronson’s music, which would be a shame.

No accident in the choice of singer though; Ronson produced Winehouse’s platinum album ‘Back to Black’ as well as Lily Allen’s ‘Alright, Still’, and it was Ronson’ prowess as a producer and DJ that earned him the label’s backing to produce his own album. The album, “Version” features Winehouse and Allen on vocals and is an upbeat blend of hip hop, soul, R&B melodies and brit punk, all packaged for a club setting.

The next single ‘Oh My God’ featuring Allen is beginning to climb the charts and is an excellent single in a somewhat more mellow arrangement. Similarly “Stop Me” is an arrangement of the Smith’s “Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One Before” featuring Daniel Merriwather and a bit of mashup with the Supreme’s ‘You keep me hanging on’. It’s very enjoyable, but more sober than the upbeat “Valerie”.

Give it a listen at Ronson’s MySpace Page