Song of the Week – April 25, 2008
April 25, 2008, 10:13 am
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This week’s Song of the Week is not a new release, but is another in the line of cool songs popularized by major corporations as part of their ad campaigns. Yael Naim’s ‘New Soul’ crashed onto the scene this month as part of Apple’s ad campaign for the Air laptop. Naim’s eponymous album was released in Europe last October, but has now gone mainstream and released in the US in March…. The single evokes Regina Spektor’s sparse vocals and piano work.

Yael Naim’s MySpace page and website.

Sony Ericsson Gets in the Music Business for Real
November 9, 2007, 4:36 pm
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In a clear response to Nokia’s recent launch of a music portal with PC and mobile storefronts for purchasing and downloading tunes, Sony Ericsson has announced that it too will have a full-fledged music store for its customers by Q2 2008. S-E has always been able to sell tunes from the Sony BMG Music Entertainment, but has now reached agreement with the other three major labels (Universal Music Group (Vivendi), EMI Group PLC and Warner Music Group Corp). All of which means that Sony Ericsson customers will now be able to purchase the vast majority of the major label music that they can purchase through iTunes, Rhapsody, Nokia Music, etc.

The announcement yesterday was apparently timed to respond to both Nokia’s announcement last month, and the launch of the iPhone in Europe which takes place today.

Sprint’s Touch a Weak Answer to iPhone’s Call
October 18, 2007, 4:05 pm
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Sprint today launched Touch, the latest addition to its product line. Manufactured by Taiwan’s HTC, the phone has a full touch screen, an mp3 player, and e-mail support, and was touted as an answer to AT&T’s iPhone offering. Some of the phone’s features are very competitive with the iPhone in its first incarnation. The EVDO Rev. 0 network is a substantial advantage for Sprint, but the half Gig of SD storage in the base configuration is uncompetitive with iPhone’s 8 Gig onboard, and Pocket Internet Explorer is not a competitive mobile browser.

Sprint has a competitive product line overall, and Touch will certainly help, but it’s no iPhone.


Full Story

PC Mag’s Detailed Review of the Touch

Verizon Adds iPhone Lookalike In Challenge To Apple
October 4, 2007, 1:34 pm
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Verizon today unveiled it’s version of the LG Voyager, an iPhone like touch screen candy bar/clamshell which opens to a full keyboard. Verizon retails salespeople were positively giddy today to be able to point to an iPhone-like device which they will have available “in a few months”. “We’re getting 5 million questions a day about the iPhone” according to one…it’ll be nice to have something to offer. In addition to the QWERTY keyboard the Voyager will also benefit from Verizon’s EVDO data network, which sports speeds often 5X that of AT&T’s EDGE, the only available option for iPhone owners in the US.
LG Voyager

Full announcement at InformationWeek among others….

Song of the Week – September 14th
September 21, 2007, 9:57 am
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1234 by Feist appears on her latest album, The Reminder. This indie rocker from Calgary has produced a string of sweet, melodic songs with simple, clean arrangements, and 1234 is from the same mold. The single has caught the attention of the digital crowd, with significant traffic on iTunes and elsewhere online, largely because the video of “1234” is highlighted in the new iPod ads from Apple highlighting the Video Nano.

Check out the video….

Feist - The Reminder

You can catch Feist live in concert this Fall. She’s touring Europe through the end of October, and has dates in the US in November.

You can give it a listen at her MySpace page, and her website “ListentoFeist”

Orange to distribute iPhone in France
September 20, 2007, 2:08 pm
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Forbes reports that Orange has won the contract to distribute the Apple iPhone in France.

The full story here: Forbes Story

Apple introduces iPod with WiFi and Touchscreen
September 5, 2007, 1:31 pm
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In the constant battle to keep the iPod ahead of the mp3 player clones, Apple today introduced new models of its iPod and Nano, incorporating new technologies such as WiFi access (much like Sandisk’s Sansa Connect and Microsoft’s Zune) and a touch screen based upon the same technology employed in the iPhone. Having the coolest new technology incorporated into the iPod is essential to Apple’s product strategy, even its corporate aura. With Microsoft working on its second generation Zune player, and countless competitors cranking out cheap mp3-playing glorified storage devices in a variety of innovative packages and economic ranges, Apple no longer has an advantage in distribution or for that matter innovation. Apple hasn’t become the safe, boring alternative yet, and that means that the iPod brand is not yet in decline,… today’s announcement doesn’t restore it lost technological lead, but it does maintain the spectacular marketing lead that Steve Jobs has built.

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