Song of the Week – June 22
June 28, 2007, 12:43 pm
Filed under: Bon Jovi, Rock

Ok, not breaking any stories here, but the Song of the Week is Bon Jovi’s ‘Make a Memory’, the first single off their album Lost Highway. This was supposed to have been the song of the week a month ago, based on the first hearing of the single, but it slipped away.

The fact that Bon Jovi has an album at #1, 20 years after their last #1 album is a feat in and of itself. Plenty of rockers are releasing albums 20 years after their “heyday”, but most of them sound like rehashed productions of old hooks and melodies and are as old and tired as their performers. Jon Bon Jovi has aged as well as any human his age, and the album has some fresh production on top of familiar Bon Jovi vocals, and Richie Sambora guitar licks.

Desmond Child collaborated on writing the song, a formula that has worked well since the groups third album. This is a storytelling power ballad, from a band known more for it up beat arena rock anthems, but it’s a song that catches your attention immediately and wears well over many listenings. And we’re going to hear a lot of this album during the summer of 2007….

The band’s website at, you guessed it, BonJovi.com
and their My Space page, are both professionally produced and usable.