Song of the Week – April 27th

Brandi Carlile’s – “The Story”Brandi Carlile

This is the title track of her latest album, and the single has gotten her nationwide exposure after being chosen the focus piece for a Grey’s Anatomy episode. Recent appearance on Leno was followed up with an appearance on Conan O’Brian Thursday. The piece is also getting crossover play on country stations and channels.

Brandi’s got a beautiful and expressive voice, lyrics range from poignant to heartwrenching, and her band and orchestration are both really impressive. This track is curl up and cry music, if you’re in that mood. If your in a more uplifted mood it’s romantic piece.

Turpentine should also become a single, and the entire album is musically solid and enjoyable.

Her website: www.brandicarlile.com and MySpace: BrandiCarlileBand