If Nine Inch Nails is not your speed…
June 4, 2007, 10:02 am
Filed under: Ciara, Music, Rihanna, Song of the Week

Rihanna’s Umbrella, which features Jay-Z, has moved rapidly to the top of the pop charts, it’s not as rich as Ciara’s equally somber “Like a Boy” which hit #1 6 months ago, but it get’s stuck in your head, and probably will be stuck on the charts all Summer…
Both tracks are very pop worthy, with Umbrella having the memorable but repetitive chorus, and Like a Boy the stronger lyrics and songwriting.

Rihanna’s latest album “Good Girls Gone Bad” releases tomorrow, but looks like a very strong testimonial that the US hip hop labels can trash up any artist, no matter how musically talented they are…it’s a shame, but she’s still incredibly talented.

Rihanna’s Official Site at Def Jam which will not blow you away….
Rihanna’s MySpace site which is slightly better…

and Ciara’s Official Site which is much better produced by LaFace….
and her MySpace site