Song of the Week – June 20th, 2008

This week’s Song of the Week is ‘Propane Nightmares’ from Australian electronica masters Pendulum. The single is off their new album ‘In Silico’ released on Warner UK. Pendulum has been around for a half dozen years, forming in Perth before moving to the UK. Modifying the drum’n’bass style of some of their early single, ‘Propane Nightmares’ is pumped up with synth horns and a ton of energy. This is not music to relax by, but the fusion of styles produces a really slick, driving and melodic sound.

You won’t catch Pendulum live outside of the UK this Summer unless they book some additional shows, but In Silico has been released in the US (their US debut) and you can see/hear more at their website or MySpace Page