Song of the Week – August 24th
September 5, 2007, 1:49 pm
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Good Charlotte’s “I Don’t Want to Be in Love” has the chords and heavy guitar that their anthems on earlier albums held up high as a trademark, but the entire new album, “Good Morning Revival”, is much more produced than their self titled debut, or 2001’s “The Young and the Hopeless”. I miss the raw performances from those early albums, but the pop masses will probably be more accepting of this new, more polished style.
Good Charlotte - Good Morning Revival
They’re touring the west coast this month with an appearance on Leno thrown in, followed by an Australian tour in October.

Good Charlotte’s website

Good Charlotte’s MySpace page

My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade
December 20, 2006, 1:02 pm
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One of the best albums of 2006. If you aren’t already familiar with My Chemical Romance, the group has elements of Queen or Pink Floyd but the instrumentation and impact of Good Charlotte or Blink-182. There’s more guitar here than light rock or pop fans will appreciate, but the songwriting is smart and innovative, and the lyrics, while a bit dark (angry Pink Floyd) range from just interesting to brilliant.

If you’re into hard but smart rock this is a band to watch.

If you want a sample, try the title (sort of) track, Welcome to the Black Parade, which was getting a lot of airplay in the UK last week.