Big Brother Watching?
September 30, 2006, 6:04 pm
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Question from a self-proclaimed representative of the federal government at a PPME session on corporate podcasting and videocasting; (paraphrasing) how do you know who your podcasts are reaching and who they aren’t? The context was Q&A with a panel that included innovators from Intel and SAP that have lead the charge for podcasting by their respective corporations, and Robert Scoble, John Furrier and Jennifer Jones of Podtech.net. So the question is, ‘Is the federal government worrying about how effectively Intel, SAP and other public companies are getting their podcasts out in a fair disclosure sense. Would they actually take steps to monitor who’s consuming podcasts from corporate sources? Obviously the companies have an obligation under Reg FD to insure that information material to investors is distributed effective to all investors…which would not be accomplished today by podcasts or blogs alone. Companies need to police it, but the question itself is troubling wrt podcast consumers and privacy if the SEC felt the need to step in and monitor…hopefully just a stray thought…..

Legal Issues
September 29, 2006, 8:56 pm
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Top ten things to avoid when podcasting….

1) Trademarking anything with P, O, and D in the name
2) Reading from copyrighted writings without permission of the creator
3) Using music without mechanical license from Harry Fox
4) Using music without master use license from Soundexchangea
5) Using music without a web or podcast use license from eith BMI, ASCAP or SESAC
6) Using Indie music without the permission of the artists & composers
7) Using clips from other podcasts without the permission of the podcaster
8) Using clips from other podcasts without crediting the original podcaster clearly
9) Failure to clear rights for the use of any video images that you have recorded that may belong to someone else….this may include famous buildings or even people who have not volunteered to appear or have their property appear in your videocast
10) Atempting to trademark anything with P, O, and D in the name